Thursday, October 23, 2014

Danny L Harle

If you're looking for the full story behind Danny L Harle, check out his Soundcloud bio, there you will find the full story, from his production work to his current program of study. It is clear that Daniel is passionate about one thing, music. Having worked with the PC music collective and being half of Dux Content, Danny is a young Brit out there producing what can only be considered pure pop music.  His latest track, "In My Dreams" is an electronically driven piece that sounds like it could have been the backing track for an 80's video game. Random and broken, the heavily processed vocals sound unfinished.  Considering the repetitive lyrics; you realize they are nothing but infectious. Danny L Harle takes it all, wraps it up in a song and leaves us with a track that is worth listening to again, again and again.

Hot Track(s): In My Dreams

Kind of Like: A K-pop superstar takes one too many speedballs and starts speaking in tongues.

There is enough talent and art in this track to warrant one hit wonder status, but I would rather see Danny L Harle take his craft and release an album of fun, highly-danceable tracks that will see him enjoying Top 10 status on the dance charts around the globe.


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Monsieur Adi meets Beyoncé

So this is not normally the kind of stuff I write about. I am more into bragging about new artists and their undiscovered talent, but for some reason I can't explain I have been playing this track on repeat for the past two days.  I can't seem to get sick of it, it is actually starting to scare me.  Do I actually like Beyoncé? I have to be fully honest, I haven't heard the original of this track, but something tells me it can't hold a candle to this remix. So be warned, once you hit play you are bound to hit repeat once, or twice.

So how did this track come to be? Well it appears Monsieur Adi, who opened for part of her world tour, was recruited by Beyoncé to work his magic on a number of tracks and turn them into something that someone might actually want to listen to.  His brand of French electro house is just what Beyoncé needed an injection of.  Her lyrics, (sex, sex, getting drunk, sex and more sex) are a perfect match for the hard hitting beats that M. Adi pumps out. 

A good move on Beyoncé's part would be to get Monsieur Adi on board for her next big surprise album, and then she can actually surprise the world with something, like an album that is actually good.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mont Oliver

In the words of the wise Swedish masters of pop Roxette, "Don't Bore Us, Get to the Chorus".  Obviously the Danes didn't get the memo.

Mont Oliver, a trio from Denmark have been putting out tracks for a while and are no strangers to online applause. Their last track, "19", has been out for a while and it truly has me torn.  The slow start (the first minute of verse), leaves a lot to be desired. It feels tragic lyrically, as if someone is reading a poem they had to write for their highschool English class over a loop recorded on their Casio keyboard...but then the magic happens. The one minute mark hits. It is like the clouds part, the rain stops and the sun starts to shine. It is only at this moment you are glad you waited to hear the song through instead of hitting next, and then you realize something, Mont Oliver are pretty solid.

I am sure soon a remix of 19 will fix the slow start giving the whole piece the soul that has been so beautifully infused into the chorus.

Hot Track(s): 19 (from the minute mark onward)

Kind of Like: Miike Snow with training wheels on.

The track 19 has showcased that there is a lot of talent in Mont Oliver, so with a few more tracks and even a full length album, we are bound to have these boys hearing their tracks on college radio shows around the globe.



Sunday, October 19, 2014

Avec Sans

I'm a sucker for a good cover.  You take a familiar beat-laden track and you strip it back playing it acoustically, playing it well that is, and you've got my attention.  Oddly what we have here is quite the opposite.  You take music royalty, in this case Kate Bush, and her best known track Running Up That Hill, and record it with enough reverence for the original that you are left with an updated, more relevant version of an absolute classic.  That is what Avec Sans have done with their cover of the track - who knew such a thing could actually happen.

Avec Sans aren't new to the music scene and have produced a number of dance friendly pop songs of their own over the past few years, all of which are worthy of a listen.  That is if you can stop repeating their version of Running Up That Hill.  

Hot Track(s): Running Up That Hill, All of Time

Kind of Like: The girl that wasn't allowed to be a member of Girls Aloud made music anyway, with boys.


Their cover of Ms. Bush is getting them the attention they have long deserved.  They will certainly find one of their own radio friendly numbers in the UK Top 20 - they are London based after all, in a year's time.



Saturday, October 18, 2014


Any video by Metronomy is worth watching. Again. And again. And again. I think you get the point.

This visual stunner by Callum Cooper is no exception.

Watch it.



Don't get me wrong, I have been listening to music for the past four years. Sure I haven't posted in a while (four years), but I didn't have a reason to, until today that is.  

As per usual I was listening to a curated playlist online when out of my Bluetooth speaker I heard a track (I Gave It All) by Aquilo. A-who? A-xactly. I realized it was my duty to give these young English lads the accolades they so deserve, and hence I am writing a post on my, what appeared to be dead, blog. (Is this just a postmortem spasm, or has MYHTH been resurrected?)

So Aquilo? Well, first off, they are young, and although some might compare them to a number of bands already producing music today there is a richness to their sound, an honesty that goes beyond much of the polished sad boy music that tries to get passed off as authentic. Maybe I've gotten them all wrong and perhaps Aquilo are just doing a stellar job at fooling us all, but the bottom line is they are worth a listen.

Hot Track(s): I Gave It All, You There

Kind of Like: Bastille stops pretending.


Tom and Ben (a.k.a. Aquilo) currently have youth on their side, so if they are marketed to the right audience (i.e., young girls and gay boys), they will have a Top 40 hit by the end of the year. The album, also Top 40, will follow next year.