Monday, February 7, 2011

Video Time: Scissor Sisters

Bizarre. Yes, it is. But fantastic. It is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Every time I watch it I create a different narrative, see new imagery and find even more bizarre. The Scissor Sisters are truly artists when it comes to their videos, so my suggestion to you is pop some popcorn, get comfortable and spend the evening watching their back catalogue online. You won't be disappointed.

Let Me Watch DJ:

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I am Harlequin

If we jump back two years ago I made a prediction about little know Florence and her Machine. Perhaps my prediction wasn't as generous as it could have been. (Did we ever think Florence would be covered by the kids from GLEE?) But now as Florence begins work on the next stage of her already massive career we look for the latest forming star. This is where we turn to I am Harlequin. So fresh we don't even have a video to share (two are currently in the works), so we will have to base our prediction just on sound.

I am sure I am Harlequin's frontwoman Anne Freier is sick of the comparisons being made between her and Florence, but I am Harlequin is proving to be in a category of their own. Releasing a full length album last Fall, I am Harlequin is ripe and ready to be discovered.

The unfortunate bit is that when you close your eyes I am Harlequin sounds pretty much exactly like Florence and the Machine, but when you listen closely you can still hear the grit in I am Harlequin's voice, that edge that sets Anne and her collaborators apart.

Hot Tracks: Tons of Silence, The Liberty

Sounds Like: Florence and the Machine that hasn't been oiled and tuned in a few weeks.


Big, big things! A top ten hit in the UK. Headlining a number of music festivals this summer, and heck a cover version of one of her songs on GLEE next year!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Diamond Rings

By no means do I feel that I am presenting you with a new discovery. Gracing the stage as Robyn's opening act, Diamond Rings has pretty much proven he has got what it takes, so much so that he has inspired me to get back to this blog and focus my full attention to once again providing you with Music You Have to Hear (i.e. him).

Now my introduction to Diamond Rings came over the summer via a YouTube video for the track "All Yr Songs". Right then I knew, there was something there.

I spent the Fall travelling around the world, taking in the sights (and sounds) along the way, and while in
Amoeba Music in San Fransisco (the best vinyl shop I have ever had the pleasure of shopping in) I came across a vinyl pressing of Diamond Rings solo debut Special Affections. I couldn't resist, and added it to my pile.

Playing it for a week straight, it became my soundtrack. Now don't get me wrong, this is definitely a debut project, the simplicity of the tracks make them highly listenable and the fear is that our next encounter with Diamond Rings will have us listening to a highly polished, over-produced repertoire of tosh. Hopefully I am wrong and the diamond will continue to sparkle (I couldn't resist).

Check out
Diamond Rings on tour now

Hot Track(s): You Oughta Know, Wait & See

Kind of Like: Nick Cave and Deborah Harry's lovechild.


Now Diamond Rings is the stuff that UK dreams are made out of. I am sure he will follow campy acts like Scissor Sisters, LaRoux and Sam Sparro right up the Top 40 to find himself in the Top 20. Not sure Middle America will know what to do with Diamond Rings, but gays across the nation are already starting to take notice of his gender bending Mick Jagger-esque strut.